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Are some programs immune to AHK?

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My target program resists AHK (I can make it work in a multitude of other programs however) and I've tried all of the suggestions I could find.

For example hitting F10 normally causes it to create a geotif image of the screen but the following commands are unresponsive....

Send {F10}

SendRaw {F10}


SendPlay {F10}


SendPlay {F10 down}

Sleep 10

SendPlay {F10 up}

Sleep 10


Next I tried to move the mouse and click a button on the window. It seems completely unresponsive to this also, although I can make the script work fine on other programs.


a) Are there any other tricks I can try for very unresponsive programs?

B) Do you just have to walk away from trying to manipulate some programs?







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I haven't yet found a program or game that won't work with Autohotkey, although they make require some finagling. My own Send interface macro software exposes four different methods:

  1. SendInput sends all of the keystrokes instantly, with no delay.
  2. Some programs want individual keystrokes, so you might instead use SendEvent (SendPlay has never worked reliably for me).
  3. In both cases, slower software might need some time between Send commands, so you should experiment with adding delays in between.
  4. SendEvent also allows you to tweak the between-key delay and the time each key is pressed.
    • Tweaking key delay is handy for slower software, or software that really wants individual keystrokes.
    • Some software check for whether a button is being held down, and not for the initial KeyDown event. Sending a held-down keystroke by adding key press time, even by 5 ms, often forces compliance when everything else fails.

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Did you try to run the script with administrative rights? If the runing target program has administrative rights in efect it might be the couse of your problem.

That was a solution for me, few days ago.

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add this the top of your script

#UseHook On

You are welcome

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Did you try to run the script with administrative rights? If the runing target program has administrative rights in efect it might be the couse of your problem.

That was a solution for me, few days ago.


This is my first thought in this situations. Maybe you can run the problematic program without admin rights instead or run your script as admin. If your script do a lot of commands, usually is not a good idea to run it as admin.


Example: If you use your script to run (open) programs or URL's, it will open then as admin...



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Yes there are programs immune to AHK!
Games which are protected with EasyAntiCheat.

I don't know you how to help though. But I thought this might be useful :)

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Some games use blocking software to prevent scripting. Others are even more invasive and act like rootkits

by reading the currentlyrunning memory processes and blocking or shutting down the game if it finds a program

it doesn't like. Although "immune" isn't the tecnically correct term some in fact are "resistant" to script manipulation.

In addition some games force themselves into a true fullscreen mode that does not play well with AutoHotkey.

In cases like that it is advisable to run the game in windowed mode.

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