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Help with finding Line number of a string in a text file. Please :)

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Hi! I am new here and was wondering if anyone could help me with my script. I am trying to find the line of a specific text entry in a text file.
InputBox, Lot, Enter Lot Name, Enter Lot Name, 300,300 ;Enter Lot number ( location for text file)
MsgBox %Lot% ;Verify Lot name
FileRead, Contents, %A_Desktop%\%Lot%\%Lot%\C0000001.txt ;Read Text file into "Contents" variable
Loop, Parse, Contents, ;Read through "Contents" variable
If (A_loopfield ~= "Ball      CO") ;Hopefully Search for text string "Ball      CO" with spaces.
LineNum := A_Index ;Pull Line number from looping index
MsgBox %LineNum%  %A_Desktop%\%Lot%\%Lot% ;output line number and location of file as a check
MsgBox %Contents% ;output contents variable to ensure file was imported

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Add this line at the top of your script, it only needs to be se once, unless the variable is modified
string :="Ball      CO"    ; <---- preserve the spaces between words
Change the one line of your script to this format
If A_loopfield contains %string%  ; <---- the 'contains' verb requires text not variable names, so %% are added

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Change also this line :

Loop, Parse, Contents, ;Read through "Contents" variable

because the Loop, Parse, written like this, processes "Contents" character by character.

You have to give a delimter, like `r or `n or both.


to this

Loop, Parse, Contents, `r`n ;Read through "Contents" variable

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Thank you both for your help, I have it working well now :) I implemented your suggestions and also changed some of the text file it was searching.