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Leading zeros not appearing in Month and Day in FormatTime function.

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Currently using version: v1.1.14.02

Here is my function call 

  FormatTime, iTime, MMddYYYY, ShortDate

I send it in simple output: Send %iTime%


Creates the following result when using 



According to the documentation, this should add a two digit month and a two digit day.  Neither of which is happening.

I was wondering if anyone had an explanation for this.


Thank you for your time and attention.


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I can't reproduce this.
Also the second parameter is meaningless. It should be a timestamp or blank, correct?

Win 7

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This happens if format in Regional and Language is  English (United States), works fine if it is English (United Kingdom).


Docs are not saying anything about leading 0's, also read more about it on MSDN

FormatTime, iTime, %A_Now%, ShortDate
MsgBox % iTime

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Short date representation for the current user's locale, such as 02/29/04


"for the current user's locale" means it depends on your locale settings.  "such as" means it's an example of what a result can be, not that every result will have the same format.  On this XP system, Regional and Language Options shows the Short Date format as "4/02/2014", which is also what HotKeyIt's code produces.  I think this is the default for "English (Australia)", but you can also customize it.