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WinWait not working.

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I'm trying to get do up a script to press keys for me but currently I am unable to use winwait when a seperate Window appears.

In this software, I want to be able to open up the SD Card and choose a data I want.

1.Current I am unable to clikc (SD CARD) under the tab "File" (Used click as a replacement - welcome guidance and suggestions)

2. After SD card is pressed, a window will irregularly pop up within 3~5 second. Unable to get the key to wait for the window to appear then click or trigger the buttons.


Run E:\Program Files (x86)\Fluke\PowerLog 4.0\PowerLog.exe
WinWait, Power Log 4.0.2, , 20,
if ErrorLevel
{MsgBox, Loading exceed waiting time.
MsgBox, 4,, Proceed to saving data?
IfMsgBox No
MsgBox Operation Ended.
MsgBox Proceeding to saving data.
click 180,60
click 720,505
IfWinExist, FLUKE 430-II SD Card
WinActivate ; Automatically uses the window found above.
WinMaximize ; same
Control,check,, TCheckBox1
Control,check,, TCheckBox2

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SetTimer, CheckForWindow, 250

; check once for window
; if window found
	; do action

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Thank you for sharing this. I will try this one.






steve barbarich