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Fast way to detect double key presses

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Hi :)
I am new to autohotkey and I have been trying to find a way to detect double key presses.
I know this had been asked before but my question is a bit different!
When I press an "a" once it should write "a" but when I press it twice it should write "Hello World!". That sounds easy but there where two Problems with all approaches I found:
- The Problem with the fist solution I found was that when I define a hotkey for a double pressed a the single pressed a will be delayed. So if I want to write "as" very fast it will write "sa", because the a is delayed.
- The second solution I found always sent an a before sending "Hello World" so a double pressed a will lead to "aHelloWorld" but it should just Send "Hello Word"

So is there a different solution?
I spend already 12 hours to fix it! Please help me!


PS:(I tried to just send a backspace when the a is hit the second time, but that does not work for keys like Escape because the Escape will always been send to the program and close the window)

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KeyWait, a, U
KeyWait, a, D, T0.2
If (ErrorLevel = 0)
send, {BS 2}hello world

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Here's one based on the example in the manual...seems to work for me.

	if (A_PriorHotkey <> "~a" or A_TimeSincePriorHotkey > 200)
		KeyWait, a
	Send {backspace 2}Hello World!

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why not use a hotstring, that's what they're for

:*:aa::hello world


it is logically impossible to do what you want without some kind of delay or replacement, since the double press must be handled if you want your script to detect it.

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Thank you! :)

The Idea with a backspace works great but not every key.

Hotstring is a very cool thing! I will try to use that in future! :)