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Remap specific key in specific keyboard (Multiple Keyboard) for game

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Hi, i want to use multiple keyboard like this (for gaming)

(i did successfully for other application like typing in notepad , explorer ) except gaming)



If i press "w" in usb keyboard, it will act like i press the "up" key

but if i press "w" in ps2 keyboard .it still act as "w" key



i tried remap w to "up" key (in all keyboard) for that game (for testing) and here 's the result (in that game)


w::sendinput {up} ;not working

but this works in game


w::  ;it works
sendinput {up down}
sendinput {up up}

i tried HidMacros



but it only works with program like notepad++ , but it does not work in game ,i guess it does like the code (1) w::sendinput {up}


HidMacros can launch the ahkscript ,like this




, but i have no idea how to detect w up in USB keyboard (not PS2 keyboard) to sendinput {up up}

sendinput {up up}

is it a way to remap key for specific keyboard for gaming like the code in (2) ?



i also find these similar thread which i think the most useful :





with this script (ahkhid.ahk) i can launch program, msgbox .. and other similar things when press specific key in specific keyboard ,


but i don't know how to make the key permanenty become another key as i want


Anybody please help


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you can use this free tool to map keys on your second keyboard http://www.2112desig...board-remapper/