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Need a windows with checkboxes that runs commands depending on what is checked

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Hello Guys,


Sorry, I'm a absolute beginner, managed to get a menu working by editing someone elses script but thats about all I understand so far.


What I would like to have is a screen with checkboxes (similar to the inputbox) made by autohotkey, opened by choosing an option in a menu. And depending on which of the boxes are checked, it runs several commands afterwards.


What it is supposed to be for, there are several features that are all activated by specific commands. You can have either all, some or none of the features activated and I would like a checkbox systems where i select the features I want active and when I click ok, it runs all the commands to activate the selected features.


Hope that makes some sense and really hope that someone here can help me with that.

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example with checkboxes and ini-file to save last settings

edit-field to input searchword and start selected internet search


SplitPath,a_scriptname, name, dir, ext, name_no_ext, drive
I=10                 ;- total checkboxes

;src=Tan Soo Suan   ;- search for preselect
src=jim reeves

Gui,2: Color, ControlColor, Black
Gui,2: Font, CDefault, Lucida Console

   IniRead, Ch%A_Index%, %f1%, ss, Cb%A_Index% , 0
    If (Ch%A_Index% = 1)
       Cb%A_Index% = Checked
       Cb%A_Index% =

Gui,2:  Show, x100 y5 w300 h440, %name_no_ext%

Gui,2: Add, Edit,      x20 y5  w265 h20 cWhite vSearch,%src%

Gui,2:  Add, CheckBox, x20 y40  vCh1  %cb1%   cYellow, Google
Gui,2:  Add, CheckBox, x20 y65  vCh2  %cb2%   cYellow, Google I``m feeling lucky
Gui,2:  Add, CheckBox, x20 y90  vCh3  %cb3%   cYellow, Bing   Pictures
Gui,2:  Add, CheckBox, x20 y115 vCh4  %cb4%   cYellow, Flickr Pictures
Gui,2:  Add, CheckBox, x20 y140 vCh5  %cb5%   cYellow, Google Pictures
Gui,2:  Add, CheckBox, x20 y165 vCh6  %cb6%   cYellow, Google News
Gui,2:  Add, CheckBox, x20 y190 vCh7  %cb7%   cYellow, Google News NL
Gui,2:  Add, CheckBox, x20 y215 vCh8  %cb8%   cYellow, Google Video
Gui,2:  Add, CheckBox, x20 y240 vCh9  %cb9%   cYellow, Google PDF
Gui,2:  Add, CheckBox, x20 y265 vCh10 %cb10%  cYellow, Wikipedia

Gui,2:  Add, CheckBox, x20 y330 vCh98 gCheckAll   cYellow, Select All
Gui,2:  Add, CheckBox, x20 y355 vCh99 gUnCheckAll cYellow, De-Select All

Gui,2:  Add, Button,   x10 y400 w100 h26 gAA ,Start

Loop, %i%
    GuiControl,2:, Ch%A_Index%, 1
GuiControl,2:, Ch99, 0

Loop, %i%
    GuiControl,2:, Ch%A_Index%, 0
GuiControl,2:, Ch98, 0

Gui,2: submit, nohide
StringReplace,Search, Search, %A_space%, +, All

  if Ch1
  if Ch2
  if Ch3
  if Ch4
  if Ch5
  if Ch6
  if Ch7
    run,https://www.google.com/search?q=%search%#q=%search%&tbm=nws&hl=nl  ;- hl=nl nederlands
  if Ch8
  if Ch9
    run,http://www.google.de/search?hl=&q=%search% filetype:pdf
  if Ch10
     StringReplace,search,search,+,%A_space%, All
     StringReplace,search,search,%A_space%,_, All
     StringReplace,Search,Search,`%22, , All
     run, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%search%


Gui,2:  Submit
   e= % ch%a_index%
   IniWrite, %e%, %f1%, ss, Cb%a_index%

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Cool script, garry. I tested it by subbing Shakira for Jim Reeves and searching Google Pictures. Worked like a charm. Thanks a lot!

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example with checkboxes and ini-file to save last settings

edit-field to input searchword and start selected internet search


Hi garry, 
I had a bunch of links to music vids that I liked watching over and over. They were listed randomly in the draft folder of my mail program. The links were clickable when preview pane was enabled, but running the mail prog, enabling preview pane, then scrolling through the list was a pain. 
So, your search app has become VidRunner!   :D
It allows a new vid to be added to the playlist, then rebuilds the GUI to include the new vid. 
Here's what it looks like now ...