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Inspect clipboard content

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Dear All,


I would like AHK to inspect the content of the clipboard, and take an action based on that. AHK should choose from three actions, depending on what type of character string is being stored on the clipboard. 


My goal is, to match three types of character strings, and perform an action depending on the type.

The first one would be an ID starting with "B", followed by 7 numbers (looks like B0123456). 

The second one would be an IP address.

And the third one would be any word, consisting of alphabetic characters.


I have tried to configure clipboard as a variable, but it returns true regardless the content of the clipboard, and performs the action, even if the character string stored on the clipboard, is not a match. Maybe I did something wrong with applying the variables, or with setting clipboard as a variable. 


Here is what I have tried:

MyVar := %clipboard%
MyVar1 := B0123456
if MyVar = %MyVar1%
Run notepad
The problem is,  that it takes the action, regardless of the content of the clipboard. (action: "Run notepad" is just for testing, of course, I would like to assign something else, as the real task)
Thank you in advance for your help.
Best regards,

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You are right it has something to do with variables there is a tutorial here with some examples:




For your example:

MyVar1 := "B0123456"
MyVar := clipboard
if (MyVar = MyVar1)   ;or you can use if MyVar = %MyVar1%
msgbox %MyVar%`n%MyVar1%  ;just for testing

winXP  and ahk unicode