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AHK script on multiple computers

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Dear community,


Im not very new to ahk, but i have few questions about monitor settings and ahk

I have a script with imageSearch function and  its work fine even with turned off monitor (by pressing power button), but after about 10 hours it loses display and starts clicking chaotically (I think its a hidden power saving function that completely disables monitor from PC after very long time) 


Im sure Its not a script causing this problem, because same thing happens when i plugging off monitor cable out of PC.


My  power saving settings that in control panel set to never (auto sleep and other stuff) 


Any ideas how can i fix that?



Anyway that isnt the main problem for me, the question is, how can i run my script on 2 PCs with just 1 monitor? I dont need to look after them and thought switching cable would work fine (maybe 2 cables or some parameters will help) 




Thank you in advance


Best regards,