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Better way to raise the system tray

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I'm pretty new to AHK...

I have a script that moves the mouse over the system tray and clicks to raise the tray. (It's actually called the NotifyIconOverflowWindow according to Spy...). I move the mouse with CoordMode = Screen, so absolute coordinates...

This work well most of the time. Sometimes the organization of the system tray changes and the absolute coordinate changes. I know a better way is to somehow get the id for the NotifyIconOverflowWindow and then send it a message, or use relative coordinates to direct a mouse click.

So how do I do that? Code snippet, anyone?




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How about the hotkey route?  Win+B will highlight the tray button, and enter or space will open it.  Sorry, I don't have any code to provide you, I just started working with AHK today.  Seems like it would be pretty easy to implement, please let me know if it works for you.