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QueryPerformanceCounter() example

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The documentation pages for DllCall() (http://www.autohotke...nds/DllCall.htm and http://ahkscript.org...ds/DllCall.htm) contain an example for QueryPerformanceCounter() which I would like to see modified to make it more useful for users, especially early users of AutoHotkey. I would recommend the following:

DllCall("QueryPerformanceCounter", "Int64*", CounterBefore)
Sleep 1000
DllCall("QueryPerformanceCounter", "Int64*", CounterAfter)
DllCall("QueryPerformanceFrequency", "Int64*", Frequency)
MsgBox % "Elapsed QPC time is " . (CounterAfter - CounterBefore)*1000/Frequency . " milliseconds"


Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) - AutoHotkey v1.1+ (Unicode 32-bit)