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Active GoTo v4

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I downloaded Active GoTo V4 and need help using it with SciTE. I get "Editor window does not exist.

Your script says to change the title settings and keys
for 'go to' function

TitleStart = PSPad - [
TitleEnd = ]

;Go To Settings (Name of GoTo window and Editor's related key)
GotoWin = ahk_class TfGotoLine
GotoKey = ^g

Do I change titlestart, titleend and gotowin?

I am really confused on the titlestart. Your documentation says
"Write here the text shown on the left &
right of the filename in the window's title."
The SciTe window title includes the path. Does that mean I type the entire path up to the filename? If so then do I replace everything after the equal sign and put in the full path up to the filename as shown in the title bar?

And on the titleEnd am supposed to type everything after the filename. This information changes depending on which tab I have my autohotkey script opened in.

On GotoWin I used Go To because that is the title of SciTe goto window. I also tried ahk class #32770 because that is what window spy reports the SciTe goto windows class is.

SciTe uses ^g for the goto hotkey. So I did not change that.

I changed the Win Tab hotkey to Ctrl k because the win tab keys scrolls though all my open windows in vista.

This program is exactly what I need to browse my large script faster.

I tried code and /code in this message and it did not put the code in its own box.


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http://www.autohotke... ... 2570#92570

Here are the changes I made to get it to work with SciTE. The next post after that PhiLho said that he made a lua script that does the same thing, so you have a choice between internal or external solutions.

I thought that it had been updated to work with Scite later on, though. Maybe not.

BTW, use brackets "[]" around "code" and "/code".
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For toralf's script to work with Notepad++, you have to change line 49 from
^Notepad\+\+ - (?P<Name>.*?)$
^(?P<Name>.*?) - Notepad\+\+$

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How can I use this wonderful script with VIM? The version I have ends allways in title with "- GVIM", this is good. But the problem I have is with starting title, it begins allways with file name. I have leaved this out for first, but it says me at starting that no window was found.

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Here is a version that can find and parse the file, displaying the subs and funcs and appearing on cue. HOWEVER, the goto part will not work. I can't find any way to make VIM go to a specific line number. It supports ctags, but I don't know how to apply it to the goto method used here.

Also, this version now will not work for other editors.

If anyone can take this further, please do so. I don't know enough about VIM to complete this.
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Got same problem with Metapad. I wonder how come nobody mentioned it before.
Rajat's script just closes gracefully with no message or anything, while toralf's doesn't display anything since it doesn't recognize the editor and those RegEx kinda fly over my head at this moment.

1. new file - metapad
2. - metapad
3. * - metapad
4. - metapad (read only)

(AHK and Win98SE) forever | My scripts are here

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I have to thank you a lot !!!

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I'm not sure how to get this going with SciTE4AutoHotkey. I'm running the current beta, "SciTE4AutoHotkey Version 3.0 - Based on SciTE 2.20."

If I try to launch Active GoTo as-downloaded, it not-surprisingly gives me "Editor window doesn't exist" but I don't know how to customize it.

Here are three of examples of window names when I'm editing scripts with SciTE4AutoHotkey.

C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey\Scripts-Ed\Apps Utilities Tools\Active GoTo\Active GoTo.ahk * SciTE4AutoHotkey [1 of 2]

Same file with no other file open in SciTE4AutoHotkey:
C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey\Scripts-Ed\Apps Utilities Tools\Active GoTo\Active GoTo.ahk * SciTE4AutoHotkey

C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey\AutoHotkey.ini * SciTE4AutoHotkey [2 of 2]

What values should I assign to TitleStart and TitleEnd so Active GoTo can see my editor?

Or is there some way I can use, "ahk_class SciTEWindow" to accomplish this? I rarely use SciTE4AutoHotkey to edit things that aren't scripts.


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gui is not resizing properly..

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SciTE4AutoHotkey v3 includes TillaGoto.

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I assume TillaGoto ~= Active GoTo... I'll give it a try. Thx again, I'm such a fan of SciTE4 and esp V3.