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Need a Warframe Toggle Melee Script.

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Hello, I was wondering if someone could create a script that toggles Melee (Press once and it keep's hitting)


To melee you need to press the key to spam right now, so holding it down currently does not do anything so i think the script would require it to toggle an unlimited "up" and "down" action... with it being able to be enabled/disabled with another key.



I would like the Numpad "+" to be used to enable/disable it and the key "E" to do the action. (E is being used as my melee) <--- im not sure if that makes sense but i think you might understand, please tell me if it does not.. Thanks! =)

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SendMode Input
#MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2
	while t {
		Send, {e Down}
		Sleep, 50
		Send, {e Up}

that should do the trick, you might want to let it sleep longer. just change Sleep, 50 into Sleep, #

where # is how long it should wait in ms