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How to active a windows which name changes...

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New to this forum and also to the amazing World of autohotkey...


I ran into a problem though.

I need to open a window in a softphone application.

The problem is that the name of the window changes...


Like: "(x) Trio Agent - Yyyy Yyyyyyyyyy(Zzzzzzzzzz) @ ttttttttttt"



x = number of customers in que

Trio Agent =Always the same string

Yyyy = Name of the agent

@ tttttttttttt = Local telephone number


The only string that is always the same is "Trio Agent" i.e. the application name, but how do I activate that specific window when the rest of the Windows title is never the same?


Any suggestions


/Nick , Denmark

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See here.

SetTitleMatchMode, 2
WinActivate, Trio Agent -

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