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Autohotkey Management GUI

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Haven't used AHK in a couple of years and I am retarded on many levels, especially scripting.

However, I could have sworn that it came with a

  • management gui that would allow you to open many macros (maybe a project) and select which one to work on from the left pane,
  • edit your raw data on the right
  • rom the same window click a little button on top to run the script one line at a time
  • as it walked the script it would have a red bar moving over each command as it was happening..
  • if something didn't work right, you would hit the stop sign to fix the command and restart
  • Also, when you were recording a macro, it would actually record the link or the box you were filling in, instead of just coords on the screen..

I found autotemp which sort of looks like it, but isn't quite. Am I missing something? I know the disdain for folks who like gui's but I would really appreciate any help, thanks!

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I don't believe AHK ever shipped with a program to do what you're asking. Perhaps a user had created a utility like that at some point, but I can't think of it. Or perhaps you were thinking of a different scripting language which offered that..

Kool Pal
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I just 'discovered' AHK and came searching for this! Eagerly waiting for some pointers on GUI!

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You probably mean SciTE4AutoHotkey or AHK Studio with have the debugging features you describe - see http://ahkscript.org....php?f=6&t=3376