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Extracting Data from website( is it possible???)

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Hi all,


I'm looking for a program that can automate my daily task at work, after some times of searching i found this application that i think is better than the others i have search through. But before i start to learn this program i would really like to know if this application can do all the task that i need to automate first., is this program can only be used for gaming purposes or can be use for data mining also?


So basically what i will do for my work is below:

1. open IE, go to my company system backend ( eg: www.owb.qwe.12.co )

2. enter my user id and password.

3. go to report option, choose the type of report

4. enter a date ( from when - till when ) in 2 box

5. choose some filtering option from the dropdown box in the page

6. submit and wait until the data generating.

7. copy the data from the first entries until the last entries to excel file( the last entries always be different ) since we have different total customer each day.


I just want to know if all this task is possible on this program?? i wont ask to make the code because i'm more than willing to learn, just need to know if this is possible before i spend my time learning the code for this program. Sorry if i post in the wrong forum,if i did please kindly tell me where should i put this kind of question.


Thank you in advance for the help.

Jackie Sztuk _Blackholyman
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Autohotkey 1.1+ Can do this just fine (get it at ahkscript.org)

Also have a look in the tutorial forum for both a IE and an EXCEL COM tutorial

Hope that helps

PS next time you can ask in the support forum or at ahkscript.org

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Hi Blackholyman,


Thanks for replying to my post, will go to the sites that you refer and learn some coding then :D. Thanks