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A Program To Record User Input For Playback

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Hi, I'm looking for a program that can accurately record what a user is doing for a certain amount of time and be able to automate it all afterwards. My ideal program would be able to store the macro in a file for automation at any time.


Accuracy is also important. What I'm hoping to do is to record all actions in a turn-based game by one player and have it automated on another computer's screen with the same game open. Thats why it would be best if it could write the script to a file.


For example, if two people had the same chess app but it could not do network play, they could both have the game open and each player's turn gets automated on the other one's screen so that they essentially play the same game. Obviously this game is a lot more tricky as it has camera angles and scrolling and such, so accuracy is very important.


As long as it can accurately record a script to a file automatically that would be excellent. Im looking for opinions on what is the best program for this job.

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Try this http://ahkscript.org...c.php?f=6&t=143

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