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Script works fine everywhere but on Chrome?

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I'm using Version 36.0.1985.143 m of Chrome.  Fairly certain this is the newest update.


The script that I am trying to get to work is supposed to continually send the Spacebar to the open window until I pause it with either another hotkey or manually with the tooltip.  It functions just fine anywhere else.  I've tested in Skype, NotePad, ect.  But even after trying multiple sites, it just doesn't register at ALL on Chrome.  Since I'm pretty new to this, is there anything I should add here that would fix this?

while trigger=0
 send {space}
 sleep 100




Thanks everyone for any help.

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Version 37.0.2062.103 m is the version I'm using and i don't appear to have any problems sending

keys to any window or tab that Chrome brings up on my gateway laptop. However i haven't tried

sending space to it. I do use PixelGetColor, ImageSearch, MouseMove, Click, and those appear to

work fine. One peculiarity is my hp laptop which seems to barf on PixelSearch in Chrome but works

fine my Gateway desktop.

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