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copy from excel sheet, paste and save in web browser, one by one

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I daily upload data from an excel sheet onto a website by the good old copy-paste method. the excel sheet contains order details such as

item number, item title, buyer's name, buyer's address, phone number, etc. i copy the relevant details of the customer (name, address, phone) and paste it into the relevant boxes in the browser, one by one, and save and move to the next customer. as you can imagine, it's pretty time consuming, especially during days when I have to process 100+ entries.


I was wondering if there is a script that would automatize this. Something like this: I select customer 1's details (name, address, phone cells all together selected) and the script would copy-paste the information into the appropriate boxes in the browser. If it could hit the save button as well, then all the better. Then I select customer 2's details and so on. 


I am not sure if this is the ideal way of designing it, but since there is no option of saving all at once, I imagine the above is as quick as it could be.


I am a total newbie, hope you don't mind if this is a straightfwd task.







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It Can be done like that if thats how you like it... :) there are more ways do do it to...

My advise will be for you to use COM for a task like this :) i know thats not easy to learn when just starting out.

But i'll be glad to help i'd just need a little more Info from you...

Things like:
Excel data example no need for it to be real as long as its setup like the Real thing
If you Can give a link to your page or the html source of your page or atleast the element id/names of the input fields you need to fill
Anything else you know that we will need to know to do the same thing...

Hope to help

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