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How to kill a process?

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Did you try this one:


    Click Start and then click the Control Panel command.
    In the Control Panel window, double click System and Maintenance.
    Click Problem Reports and Solutions to open its corresponding window.
    Click Change Settings that is listed in the left panel.
    Click Advance Settings.
    Click Off to disable Windows Error Reporting.


Or this one?:


    Press Win+R to open the Run dialog box.
    Type services.msc and press Enter to open the Services window.
    Locate and double-click Windows Error Reporting.
    Select Disabled in the Startup type drop-down menu under the General tab.
    Click Apply and then click OK.

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Neither, i went through this one




EDIT: Am now trying the option 2 you quoted up above, will get back to you with results.

EDIT2: That worked! It instant closed when i forced it to error out :D   Will it start the service back up if i restart the computer tho? Or will it stay off always now? Hopefully always but if not, ill just have to manualy disable it when computer is restarted. Thanks a LOT! That beats having to run macro's any day!

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Easy Way ;)
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