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Raff Regression Channel GUI

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I want to be able to apply a "Raff Regression Channel" to some data I created. For your info (if you don't already know), a regression channel is made up of 3 lines: Upper - Middle - Lower lines.


My goal is to click on Point A (for upper channel - in red below chart), then click on Point B (lower channel - green below chart), so it automatically creates the middle line (blue). All 3 lines are part of the Regression Channel.


The following charts show an example using Stock charts, but I want to be able to apply the regression channels on other types of data.


raff-6d.gif   raff-6i.gif


I'm fairly new with Autohotkey, meaning I rarely use it, so is it something feasible with Autohotkey?  Can I create a GUI that can do that?

I'm looking for a "stand alone" GUI, not part of an integrated application, like Excel.


Thanks for any help!




Jackie Sztuk _Blackholyman
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The lines are do able but it depends on what you really need it for

If it is only for "show" then the GDI+ lib can be used as is, if you need it to be part of the data then I'm not sure, I don't know of a control that can do that.

I have seen some scripts with live graph data but not sure if thats something you need or not...

If you can please try and give a little more info about what you need, we may be help.

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MJ Khor
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BlackHolyman Senior, did you receive my message? I need you help.  :(

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BlackHolyMan:  Sorry for not answering sooner, I thought I would get an automatic reply to my question.

Anyway, my usage is pretty simple, I want to only "show" the Regression channel, I don't want it to be embedded into live graph data.


I tried to find the GDI+ Lib you mentioned but couldn't find it?

Do you have a downloadable link?


My purpose is to create a small software which I could use to show the Regression channel, as simple as that!


Any ideas? Anywhere I can start my "learning" process?


Thank you for any insights!