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AHK Command Picker - it will help you automate everything

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AHK Command Picker is a AutoHotkey utility that provides a GUI for all of your hotkeys. Instead of having to remember what shortcut keys are mapped to what AHK action/script, you just press Caps Lock to bring up a list of ALL your AHK actions/scripts.  You can then quickly search and launch the AHK action/script you intended to. This allows you to stop having to remember a bunch of shortcut keys, although you can still use them as well if you like. This also changes the number of AHK actions/scripts you can write and use, as you are no longer bound to only having as many actions/scripts as you have free keyboard shortcuts.


If you are a true AutoHotkey fan, take a look at AHK Command Picker and you will see how it can enable you to start leveraging AHK even more than you do today. The project has been around since January 2012, is open source, well documented, and even has a few quick videos to show you some things it can do and how to get started with it in under 2 minutes.


I'm posting this here to help spread the word about AHK Command Picker. What are your thoughts on it? Be sure to post any comments, questions, or issues on the CodePlex site, and reviews are very much appreciated.

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Thank you so much for this deadlydog.

I found this to be the most useful script I ever found on this forum, and I have been messing around with AHK many years now.


Its the first time ever I keep creating (and instantly using) many new automations and scripts because of two main reasons:


- You dont need to remember the names (the gui displays them for you whenever you use its powerful search feature)

- You can see them listed if you start each command with a group name (for instance, "CHROME" will show me any script I created for Chrome, etc)


So before finding it, I couldn't have more than 20-40 scripts that I could remember, now I can create virtually any amount, and I know I will be easily accessing them back!!


Thanks again.


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Looks interesting, but I have no use for it. I'm very adamant about using non-visual interfaces, specifically hotkeys. GUI's are slow to navigate, albeit easier for most. You clearly put a lot of work into it and I commend you for that. Good luck to you.

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Thanks a million for this! This greatly improved my workflow and saved me a lot of time!



edit: If you ever would update it, plz add in the settings an option to disable the "popup" that shows what command you just executed... But still, thanks a million ♥