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Newbie Question

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Hi all - I have just joined the forum and have absolutely zero programming experience. Nevertheless, the tutorials are great & I have written 2 executables that I have placed in my Startup folder - and they work!


My question is - I can foresee a time in the future where my Startup folder may have as many as 20 executables - which seems like too many. Is having this many or more in the Startup folder going to cause a problem? And if so how do I work around it?


What do experienced Hotkey users do?




Jackie Sztuk _Blackholyman
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Welcome :)

We don't make executables unless it is really needed...

Most scripts you make for yourself, get no benefit from being complied

I also put more tthanone routine in a single script file so that i have multiple hotkeys and hotstrings in the same script file, it works nicely...


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Thanks Blackholyman!

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This tutorial covers this:

Section 2c http://ahkscript.git...o/AHK_Tutorial/

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