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The Ultimate CS:GO Multi-Script

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Wow good stuff.. Didnt know there were scripting programs like this..

Glad i found it.

Can i ask for 1 request

hotkey/F to do a 180 turn? I used to play Sudden Attack a korean FPS and they have it by default.

And its really useful.


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Thanks for all your support! I just made a FULL recoil compensation program for ak, m4, m4a1s, galil, and famas.

I spent a LOT of time on it and if you want it, add me on Steam to purchase :D


Another thing is that I won't be active a lot on AHK anymore. I have to work on my own game I'm making.


Feel free to add me on Steam if you need anything AHK :D

I make custom scripts for money!

Sorry my website is down. Contact me by adding me on Steam. My steam is EpicnessCoding.

Just add me on steam if you have to. (Hint: Search EpicnessCoding, my name changes a lot :D)

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yo man im new to this should i just copy this 

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When i open the program it says that all the features are off and when i press the hotkeys shown in the post they dont change. 

PS   my keyboard does not have a right alt key, it only has an Alt Gr key. could it have anything to do with this_

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I launched the ahk script and then a screen pops up like this http://prntscr.com/9k3klh

Idk how to turn on norecoil. Can someone please help? do i have to change it in the ahk file?

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I copied and pasted to notpad then saved as: script.ahk under: all files with coding of: utf-8 it says the top of the code is invalid, I removed the credits and everything thinking those were causing errors but still says not valid code... what exactly should I put in the doc to make it work


any help you could give would be tremendously appreciated, thank you!


ps. running on 64 bit ahk, is that's what's causing the errors?

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Does anyone know why i can't turn on bhop and recoil? I can only use the check boxes and the numbers aswell between 1-8. The settings are all blue and not clickable?