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Is there a way to create a game using only AHK?

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Any game, stupid, easy, baby, crazy, any... just wanna try something new.

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Don't thnik so with AHK only... it's not very efficient for graphic interface, but you can use it as a complement with others languages. However, AHK is not compatible on Android... "Lua" is another language as simple as AHK to learn and it's using in several game interface like Garry's mod, WoW and other. Hope it'll helps.

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Yes of course you can - here is a list http://ahkscript.org...e=Scripts#Games- not all scripts maybe available - not sure if this one is included in the list https://github.com/U...gressPlatformer

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Here is an absolute stunner, in less than 200 lines!




A recent racing game:




A recent maze game:




And a Console Tetris game (!):



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tons of games have been made using only ahk (no opengl/js/other backend).

tetris, frogger, puzzle games, simon, chess and checkers (no ai. multiplayer), yahtzee, asteroids, etc.

I started working on a couple of ASCII (think nethack, but real-time combat and even destructible objects like barrels and crates) games long ago. it had animated spells and a scrollable map (so it wasn't all on one screen). Never finished, don't feel like releasing or sharing.

Other people have made ASCII games too.


AHK isn't not THAT limited that it can't make games. People have even made basic physics engines in AHK.

if you want fancy graphics, you can look into the gdip library by tic. which is also made using AHK. It's not going to be easy, but its good if you can figure it out.


Also.. you posted in the wrong section. This belongs in Offtopic as you have not posted anything you created and are not asking a specific question you need help on (which should be asked in SUPPORT, not SCRIPTS).

rawr. be very afraid
. Populate the AutoHotkey city. Pointless but somewhat fun. .

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What programe is the best and easy to understand for making game then?

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