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Maplestory - macro bot making help + pixel detection

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Hi, i realise i am a newb to this community, i have browsed around and have been quite intrigued by what i have found, and to be honest am quite lost.

I am interested in making a macro bot for a mmorpg called maplestory involving hotkey repetitions and pixel detection, but i have no idea where to start,mayber by making a simple program which allows me to press the same button over and over again.?

If someone could give me a gentle push in the right direction i will be happy to explore from there

Thnx in advaance (hopefully)


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i give you some homework.

Read (in the help files) Send, (and SendPlay, SendInput, etc), MouseClick, MouseMove for sending input (your macros) and take a look at ImageSearch, PixelSearch (and PixelGetColor) for finding things on the screen. (also searched the forum for Pixel Matrix Search for a cool cross between pixel search and image search that works well without the need for little tiny picture files)
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ill gladly help make a script its very simple but for maple story...theres no auto target so you couldnt press a key to target a monster... and you would need like packet edits to make things like god mode and like fly and crap which obviously arent normally in game... so i mean auto hot key prolly wouldnt work for ms... but games such as Ferentus which is currently down...and Knights Online ...which may help you out .... but if you do your homework and think you have an idea for a script for ms let me know! :p

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No, people have made macros for maple story before.
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alright well he can make a new one... it dont matter

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The best way I've found is to configure the mini map to "simple" mode.

You're always yellow.... Select the range x1, y1 - x2, y2 where your user may appear on the mini map. PixelSearch for yellow.

Then I set up some variables to store the user's heading, and reverse it when it walks to the edges.

Pretty simple, and effective.

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Sailor Jerry can you upload it to here?