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Better User friendly Interface

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Hey there, new user here.

I've been using AHK for simple tasks for over a year now, things like repeatedly pressing buttons, creating afk scripts for games, etc.

Well, In my opinion, AHK has a horrible, just horribly interface. I think if you redesigned AHK like an actual program, and allowed us to not only script commands, but to record and repeat actions simpler.


Such as, I press a button, and it records every movement I take until I press a user defined hotkey to stop the recording.

It would transmit all actions into a script once the recording is done.

At the moment, I would use this to create a script in a matter of seconds: moves the mouse, clicks, waits a couple seconds, moves the mouse clicks, sleep 90 minutes, repeat. Considering that for some users (me included) scripting isn't easy. I can take scripts and modify them if I know what does what, but I can't create my own script. This would clear clutter from many users asking for scripts and script help, as the scripts would be predetermined by the program, and just recorded. This would allow large and long scripts, such as moving the mouse to several different places and pressing different key binds (combo loops in RPGs?) to be created much easier than typing out 30-100 lines manually. Thank you and have a good day.

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There is the AutoScript Writer which does as you say for recording.


There are also some other fantastic people who have written scripts which encode other AHK scripts and can make them much easier to create - notably when trying to create a GUI.


AHK was my first scripting language and I think it's a fantastic language for someone who has no scripting experience. Not everything can be terribly simplified. Not even your script you asked for would be done well in a script writer because you'd have to literally let it record for 90 minutes. You would just make a modification yourself.


Once you get the hang of the syntax, your own suggested script can be done in under a minute:

MouseClick, 100, 200 ; click at 100 pixels from the left and 200 pixels from top of screen
Sleep 2000 ; sleep a couple of seconds
MouseClick, 200, 100
Sleep 5400000 ; I think this is 90 minutes, I might be wrong


Settimer, shortSequence, 5400000
MouseClick, 100, 200
Sleep 2000
MouseClick, 200, 100

I can understand why you made the suggestion, but I don't think it is that necessary. If the Script Writers (and there are some awesome ones out there) aren't enough for you, how do you suggest they be improved?


Here's a link to one such script writer: http://ahkscript.org...2ef13bb9f184007(an older link on this same forum is: http://www.autohotke...corder-writer/; but that is one version out of date compared to the ahkscript link)

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well if you don't like AHK you can also try AutoIT

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AutoHotkey is intended to be "configured" by writing a script. It doesn't, won't, and isn't intended to have a graphical interface for creating scripts.

There is the AutoScript Writer which does as you say for recording.

Please, don't ever mention that awful program. There are much better macro recorders, like Pulover's, linked at the end of your post.

well if you don't like AHK you can also try AutoIT

AutoIT also requires writing a script to get it to do anything, which seems to be Maple's complaint.

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If you are looking for a scripting language with a GUI for script creation, might I suggest Macro Express.  While it is not free, I think it is about as user friendly as any scripting system can get, and can do most (but not all) of what AutoHotkey can do.