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Half-QWERTY: One-handed Typing

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Actually somebody did post the link just up above. It's a "poor man's program" imo that has very little functionality outside of plain typing. You can't type names or punctuation from what I can see. I'm a transcriptionist with a bad pinched nerve in my right shoulder. I've been looking for something that will let me turn my split keyboard into a half keyboard but I don't know anything about hot keys or how to program all these codes that are here. I'm not even sure at this stage whether any of them are complete or not. I would greatly appreciate some help.

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@Guest above:

1) You need to download and install autohotkey, <!-- m -->http://www.autohotkey.com/download/<!-- m --> personally I would recommend ahk_l but any version will do as most scripts here work with both versions, but all should work with ahk_l. Pick the unicode version when asked.

2) Although you can try the many variations posted in this thread try this one first <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://www.autohotkey.com/community/viewtopic.php?p=228783#p228783">viewtopic.php?p=228783#p228783</a><!-- l -->
it has a helper image included (if you approve the download that is) to help you learn to use it.
If you like it and have specific requirements you can either ask for help or try the other variations posted.
Copy the code, start notepad, and paste the code. Save it with a .ahk extension e.g. typing.ahk (if you picked unicode be sure to save your script as utf-8, see the encoding option when saving a file in notepad)

3) double click the script and you should be asked about the graphics and after that you can use the tray menu to bring up the helper image and press ctrl-space to toggle the script.

Good luck!

Another script you might like is Typing Aid (search the forum) doesn't work in combination with this one.

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Thank you so much for your help. I followed your instructions and I think I did it right. It's showing up in my tray with this message when I click on it:

Script lines most recently executed (oldest first). Press [F5] to refresh. The seconds elapsed between a line and the one after it is in parentheses to the right (if not 0). The bottommost line's elapsed time is the number of seconds since it executed.

009: Menu,Tray,Icon,HalfKeyboard.ico (2082.97)

Press [F5] to refresh.

There were two versions of the Script 3 and 3a. I chose 3a because I assumed it had been modified or improved.

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OMG, I got it working!! Now, I just need to print out the keyboard layout and get going. Thank you SO much!

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If you right click on the tray icon you can use "show keyboard" so it will float on top.
If you press space & F1 you will get a 5 second reminder.

other hotkeys:
ctrl+1 = Home
ctrl+2 = End
ctrl+3 = Del
Space & CapsLock = Enter
Space & Tab = Backspace

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Thanks, I'll try that.

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the latest version needs AHK_L. get it from l.autohotkey.net

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I've created a simple script that uses a different technique to accomplish using Space as the modifier key. Because it's so much easier to see what the script is doing by using this technique, I'm posting it here as a proof-of-concept. I haven't tested it very thoroughly but it seems to work well for me. There are two caveats, which are:

1.) It delays typing spaces until the space bar is released, and it disables autorepeat on the space bar
2.) Because space is delayed but other keypresses aren't, you can occasionally get inversions when typing fast, where the character following the space comes out first

The big improvement is that all of the key mappings can be easily seen and altered, if need be. The other methods, while much more polished, are rather cryptic to read.

I've posted it as a gist so it can be improved and updated. It requires autohotkey_l.

<!-- m --><!-- m -->


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This program was something that really got me interested in AHK. Its funny to come back to it and still see it in all its glory. I never became the fast pirate typer of my dreams but its still nice to look back at the post :)

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I love this script!  I supplemented with a 17 button mouse for the things that I didn't want to mirror (arrow keys, enter, shift, etc.) and it's a powerful combo!  Really smooths out general work and editing (I still use 2 hands on the keyboard for full-on word processing). 
Pro tip: even if you're not going to go as extreme as me, consider assigning "control" to one of your mouse buttons; I use that with    half-qwerty more than anything else!
Because I don't really need Enter, Backspace, etc. to be mirrored, I'm hoping to fill Tab and those other spots in with the keys that aren't properly mirrored (quotation mark, brackets, etc.), but I'm having trouble. 


It's easy enough for me to do something like:
Space & CapsLock:: Send, {'}
which works, BUT if I press shift-space-capslock, I still get a single quote ('), not the double quote I was hoping for (").  The things I've tried haven't worked, and I'm still pretty new to these scripts, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

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You could try something like this - check if the shift key is pressed, if so... else ... don't know how it will work with the half-qwerty so ymmv
Space & CapsLock::
If GetKeyState("Shift","P")
	Send, "
	Send, '