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Power button remapping

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I'm trying to remap the power button. I'd like to use it with a few other keys to put my display in sleep.  Like when i press crtl shift powerbutton that my display turns off (Just like on OS X). Is there a way to do this because I can't find the power button 'number' on the internet.

Help appreciated

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Hi Jeltesuper107,


Not sure which 'power button' you speak of, one on your keyboard, the one on your pc case, the one on your monitor?

To merely powerdown your pc with a keypress I recommend looking at the AutoHotkey Shutdown command.


The below should shutdown your pc if ran, untested.

Shutdown, 1

My script runs in A_AhkVersion:=, get the latest version at http://ahkscript.org/download/

Check out this AutoHotkey tutorial: http://ahkscript.git...o/AHK_Tutorial/

Read the documentation: http://ahkscript.org.../AutoHotkey.htm

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I'm on a laptop, so i have a built-in keyboard. But I'm not trying to shut my pc down. I'm trying to use the powerbutton as a key in my hotkey to turn my laptop display off.
Like when i press ctrl shift powerbutton my laptop display turns off (not the laptop itself, only the display).

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I'm unaware of the power button having a code, however, that doesn't mean there isn't one. You could try setting the power button (in the control panel under power settings > advanced settings) to do nothing, then running the following script:


Then, press the power button and refresh the AHK window. If there's a code for it, it should be listed there.

If it has a code, you may use it as a hotkey, combined with Ctrl or whatever you want. To turn off the screen: SendMessage,0x112,0xF170,2,,Program Manager

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