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ePSXe Macros

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I have just downloaded AHK, trying to use it to create macros for games on the ePSXe for complex moves like 360 motions on the keyboard.

I have done a search through the forum, but nothing seems to answer my questions, so I apologize in advance if this has been addressed already.

I'm playing SFA3 on the ePSXe, and tried to make a macro for the 360:
My normal key config is:

After reading the quickstart tutorial, I used the command
u::SendPlay asdwap
thinking that the hotkey 'u' would be set to 360+punch

I've tried the function on Notepad, pressing 'u' did give 'asdwap'
However during the game itself, pressing u did nothing at all

I've tried different functions like SendInput and SetKeyDelay, but none made a difference. Can anyone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?


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Anyone, please?

mike tyson
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Is that exactly when you press in the game? It would be a down, a up, s down, s up, etc. I would think for a 360 you would need to hold down 2 keys at once while doing it.

You probably need to set a key delay between each of the keys. Also, AHK has a macro recorder so try that out too.

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Thanks to mike tyson, I figured it out.

mike tyson is right, each key need to be sent as SendInput {a down} followed by a SendInput {a up} (also need a slight pause between, I think).

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does this also work with 1.7.0? i followed ur instructions, the script works well in windows but epsxe does not react :(

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Autohotkey does work with epsxe 1.7.0. I am using it to simulate a rapid-fire controller. My attack key in epsxe is 's' and my Autohotkey script is

if not GetKeyState("space", "P")
SendInput {s down}
Sleep 1
SendInput {s up}
Sleep 100
This makes space rapid-fire. I first tried to simply "SendInput s" and epsxe did not respond. It seems that epsxe does not read events from the keyboard queue, but instead reacts to the up or down state of the key.