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AutoHotkey Needs You

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Since the majority of AutoHotkey users are probably unaware of the most useful scripts in the forum, distributing some of them with AutoHotkey and documenting them in the help file seems like it would be a large benefit to the community. (Most of them would perhaps be part of the standard library to avoid the need to use #include.)

Although I could do this, it would leave little time for working on AutoHotkey itself. Therefore, it would be great to have someone else spearhead the effort.

The steps might be:
1) Identify candidate scripts.
2) Work with the original author (if possible) to test and document each function that isn't already tested and documented.

The documentation can be done in plain text or HTML. Hopefully someone else can be found to help convert it into the CSS layout used by the help file.

If anyone is interested, please post here or PM me.

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Why has there been no development of AHK in recent years?

This interview seems to give the answer: <!-- m -->http://downloadsquad... ... developer/<!-- m -->

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Hey tilman, if you came around more than once every 2 years, you might learn more information. :roll:

The article you link to is over 2 years old.

On the download page <!-- m -->http://www.autohotkey.com/download/<!-- m -->
-- are links to the newest version of AHK_L <!-- m -->http://l.autohotkey....y_L_Install.exe<!-- m -->
-- and webllinks to the documentation <!-- m -->http://l.autohotkey.net/<!-- m -->

And the last post in this thread, before you 'dug it up', was over a year before the outdated article.
This makes you a necroposter, eewww!

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Oops :oops: Sorry! What a noob I am... :)