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Diablo 2 Controller mod

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Diablo 2 Controller mod


This script will make it easier for you to play Diablo 2 LOD with a controller or WASD keys especially if you are playing with a joystick then you don't have to use one joystick for the movement of the mouse and click a button all the time, this lets you use one joystick to move,attack and interact.


Also this migh work with oher games with similar styles such as:

Diablo 1,Diablo 3,Torchlight 1,Torchlight 2,Fate 1,Fate 2,Fate 3 and a lot of other games as well just make sure that you edit the hotkeys for your games with Xpadder or in the main.ahk script itself.



This is plaid with a Ps3 controller as an example, note the movment/8 directions


How to use

1) Make sure you have the latest version of Autohotkey Installed.

2) Make sure you have Xpadder installed and that your controller works and then open the Diablo2.xpadderprofile file.

3) Run main.ahk to run it



Mouse WheelUp = Change skillls.

K = Drink potions.

N = auto teleport.

I = Navigate in the Inventory with a controller (Alpha).

CTRL + Escape = to exit.


Controller layout:




Download link:

http://www.mediafire...troller Mod.rar

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