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My AHK configuration doesn't work while launching applications from XBMC

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I've just started using Windows 10 and I'm receiving some problems with using my AHK config while launching applications from XBMC. I'm not sure what to do to fix this.


Here's my config. It works perfectly fine without launching things from xbmc:

#SingleInstance Force
Process, Priority, , High
; #InstallKeybdHook
; #InstallMouseHook
; #UseHook
; SendMode Input
; SetWorkingDir ....
; etc

; Easy Window Dragging:
; Note: You can optionally release Capslock or the middle mouse button after
; pressing down the mouse button rather than holding it down the whole time.
; This script requires v1.0.25+.
~MButton & LButton::
CapsLock & LButton::
CoordMode, Mouse  ; Switch to screen/absolute coordinates.
MouseGetPos, EWD_MouseStartX, EWD_MouseStartY, EWD_MouseWin
WinGetPos, EWD_OriginalPosX, EWD_OriginalPosY,,, ahk_id %EWD_MouseWin%
WinGet, EWD_WinState, MinMax, ahk_id %EWD_MouseWin% 
if EWD_WinState = 0  ; Only if the window isn't maximized 
    SetTimer, EWD_WatchMouse, 10 ; Track the mouse as the user drags it.

GetKeyState, EWD_LButtonState, LButton, P
if EWD_LButtonState = U  ; Button has been released, so drag is complete.
    SetTimer, EWD_WatchMouse, off
GetKeyState, EWD_EscapeState, Escape, P
if EWD_EscapeState = D  ; Escape has been pressed, so drag is cancelled.
    SetTimer, EWD_WatchMouse, off
    WinMove, ahk_id %EWD_MouseWin%,, %EWD_OriginalPosX%, %EWD_OriginalPosY%
; Otherwise, reposition the window to match the change in mouse coordinates
; caused by the user having dragged the mouse:
CoordMode, Mouse
MouseGetPos, EWD_MouseX, EWD_MouseY
WinGetPos, EWD_WinX, EWD_WinY,,, ahk_id %EWD_MouseWin%
SetWinDelay, -1   ; Makes the below move faster/smoother.
WinMove, ahk_id %EWD_MouseWin%,, EWD_WinX + EWD_MouseX - EWD_MouseStartX, EWD_WinY + EWD_MouseY - EWD_MouseStartY
EWD_MouseStartX := EWD_MouseX  ; Update for the next timer-call to this subroutine.
EWD_MouseStartY := EWD_MouseY

; Mame:

#if WinExist("ahk_class MAME")
SC04F & SC051::
  Process, Close, mame64.exe

 ; PS1:

#if WinExist("ePSXe - Enhanced PSX emulator")
SC002 & SC004::Send {F5}
SC04F & SC051::
  Process, Close, ePSXe.exe

; Dreamcast:

#if WinExist("ahk_class ConsoleWindowClass")
SC04F & SC051::
  Process, Close, nullDC_Win32_Release-NoTrace.exe 

; Sega AM2:

#if WinExist("ahk_class MYWIN")
SC04F & SC051::
  Process, Close, emulator_multicpu.EXE *32

; PS2:

#if WinExist("ahk_class wxWindowClassNR")
SC04F & SC051::
  Process, Close, pcsx2-r5875.exe

; Gamecube/Wii:

#if WinExist("Dolphin 4.0-5398")
SC04F & SC051::
  Process, Close, Dolphin.exe