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Add support for Toast Notifications

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Toast notifications were a thing in windows 8 but with the Action Center in windows 10, they have become much more useful. As they are very similar to Tray Tips, would it be possible to have commands like "SendToast" and  "DeleteToast"? Sending the a Toast notification with the same id and group will overwrite a similar toast notification according to what I have seen. This feature would be great, and it's much desired in an ahk script I'm currently creating. Thanks for reading, and for all the hard work you do on AHK!

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Here you go http://www.autohotke...cations-v04991/ and http://ahkscript.org...opic.php?t=6056

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space, those miss the point of "with the Action Center in windows 10, they have become much more useful". They don't integrate with the Action Center.

ChaosNemisis, balloon tips have been completely replaced by "toast" notifications in Windows 10, so TrayTip already produces a "toast" notification. I'm not inclined to expand on notification support, assuming there is even any way to do so.