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World of Warcraft: AHK = cheating?

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h4xx0r n00bl37
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Yeah sure it is legal I think ehh if you get banned that would be a good thing that game is like crack.

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It is 100% LEGAL. This topic has been discussed at nauseum on the WOW forums. Multi boxing is 100% legal, even some GM's do it.

So instead of blowing this whole topic into some sort of hate fest. You should maybe spend 10 minutes checking your facts.

The only thing illegal in WOW are 3rd party BOTS which kill and loot for you. They are very sophisticated these days. Also hacked wow.exe that gives you any advantage to break game mechanics.

Scripts are 100% fine and always will be.

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Depends on how much it does.

Before someone points out this mentions "hacking" the memory of the game it also points out it automates many tasks and will involve more time online/more skills gaine . IE dual boxing etc...

I personally agree scripts should be allowed, but there should be a limit and they should be accessible to everyone. I think counter strike had the best idea with the built in scripting abilities.

Anyway heres the link.... <!-- m -->http://news.bbc.co.u...ogy/7314353.stm<!-- m -->

All im saying is be careful, these companies will sue for anything now :S
Steve F AKA Superfraggle


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I suppose if you are using it to "auto level" with third party controls controlling every keystroke, then yes. Setting your key board to control multiple toons while pressing the same keys on two keyboards (imaginary or otherwise) is not. As long as your toons every action is governed by your every key stroke you should be fine. Blizzard said that multi-boxing was "allowed", "not cheating" and "very finny to watch" but you can check the forums. Can Autohotkey be taken to far by setting timed variations and repeated action preformed by another programs? Yeah, totally. Use your heads, you know when your going too far and blizzard knows too that is if they're watching. In short, autohotkey is allowed.

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Look at this page:
Blizzard prevents people from beeing able to do more than one command from a single mouseclick/pressing a button. Any program that circumvent this is cheating. And if a click comes from AHK who can know where it came from. Automatic or not?

Not true the use of macros lets you do more than one command with a single keystroke

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Here's a post I made directed at the live forums, slightly edited to repost here:

There are three bans: The people that get banned by warden are people using programs that modify wow memory addresses. Those that get banned by GM's are using full automation tools like a popular one I won't name here or running fishing robots while AFK. The final ban is the coveted social ban, when someone reports you for saying 'fart' in a private party chat and the GM's go ballistic.

To my knowledge nobody has been banned for using AutoHotKey to do anything that doesn't include the first two. In fact until they add AutoIt to the warden ban list AutoHotKey isn't going to be anywhere close to it.

In the stark reality of automating games and making them easier/faster/etc there are about a trillion AutoIt scripts out there for anything you can imagine in use at this very moment in WoW. Let's just say it this way: One of the most common uses for any automation software is character stacking/multiboxing, which by it's very nature goes against the 'one key press one action' rule, since you are pressing one key and getting 2 character actions and Blizzard hasn't done anything but endorse this so far and most people use AHK to do it.

Is it worth the hassle? There is an EJ thread on keyspamming that proves in 3.3 that it's faster than manual spamming. Personally, I haven't yet used any of this stuff even with a working knowledge of their programming - I have found that I don't really need to. You can also do way more interesting things than simple keyspamming.

Lastly there was an exploit back in like 2.3? Where people were using a chat bug to plug into another automation program that let them do all KINDS of wacky stuff that breaks the TOS and to my knowledge nothing came of this either except that they fixed the exploit.

Don't bot and don't screw with the program files or memory and it's very very very unlikely that you are doing anything they would want to take action on. In the end it comes down to the enforcement, and there's simply no way to enforce something you can't even detect easily, short of banning everyone running AutoIt or AHK which have infinite other purposes - and in the same action banning thousands and thousands of multiboxer accounts which they have already endorsed.

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hello all sry bumping old thread


I would like to ask is allowed to use the program Auto Hotkey? This program simulates keystrokes in an interval, I read a lot of discussion on the Internet and some argue that it is permitted to be used multiboxingu

else say that this authorization is as it then?

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hello all sry bumping old thread


I would like to ask is allowed to use the program Auto Hotkey? This program simulates keystrokes in an interval, I read a lot of discussion on the Internet and some argue that it is permitted to be used multiboxingu

else say that this authorization is as it then?

This topic is retarded, You both can and cant get banned for AutoHotKey. It wont be the autohotkey ur getting banned for but the fact our character does something while ur AFK. If you use autohotkey for multiple clicks but you are present at PC, you cant get banned no matter what

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I agree this topic is rather foolish. There is practically no way for any server to detect what other software you are running. However the WoW software scans your HDD and memory which is a violation of privacy in my opinion. Most game servers use similar methods to detect botting.

[*:1szfjnvy]Warden scans game memory space only, or so they claim. I happen to know it looks into your dlls, KNOWN cheating add ons, a list of speed hacks, and Windows API hooks.

[*:1szfjnvy]Redundant keystrokes logged into the server at precise time intervals is another such method. So when making a bot (if I desired to) I would randomize the key input and delay time. Also people cannot play for 36 hours at a crack. Real people eat, sleep and work. I would be suspicious if a player is online for 24/7.
If someone reports you for botting I could only assume you have the right to confront your accuser. But I think the fear of being banned is probably the real power behind this whole issue of what is "legal" or "illegal" topic. In short propaganda goes a long way.

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i stopped reading after page 2... but i just wanted to say...

i think the general idea is that mmorpgs dont want anyone having an unfair advantage over anyone else... with that said... i use AHK for every game and program where i can figure out a use for it. Its a risk... but (im sure there is a way) they have to prove you are using it to ban people from doing so... and unless there IS a way legal way for WoW to snoop your running applications AHK doesnt interface directly with servers at all. So how will they know? Thats my question...

But there is ALWAYS a way around it... if they snoop your running progs if nothing else you can remote connect to the computer running the game and run the script from the 2nd pc... lol

my opinion is if yer skeered... dont use it. if you aint and one day you get caught, shrug it off and look for a new game.

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Dude... that was so, like, uncool the way you said that. I think you spoke the righteous truth, but dude, mellow...

Sorry didn't mean to be harsh, but his statement of

I didn't say it might be legal, but that it IS legal.

kinda set me off. He's taking this guy down a road that COULD ban his account. That is very uncool as well.

To answer other statements - of course AutoHotkey has other uses. I am in NO WAY downing the program - I think it's awesome. And that it sucks that Blizz is liable to go after it - I just want to send keys to my other computer, not macro in any way. With 8 million users, they aren't gonna take the time to see what you were doing, just that you were using an illegal app. Then again, they may never go after people with it - but it's only a matter of time before the gold farmers start using it. All bets are off after that.

Anyway, I apologize for dropping a hammer on the post.

What makes you think it is Illegal? Do you work for blizzard? Are you the lawyer that developed the EULA? Have you read the EULA? There are many things in WoW that most players tell you are Illegal, however if you spend 5 minutes reading your agreement many of them are perfectly legal. Btw if you want to get technical, You don't have two accounts, you lease the right to play blizzard's game twice you actually have no ownership of the account or anything on it lol. Read the EULA before you give advise to others.

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There are loads of posts about this on the WoW forums

<!-- m -->http://www.google.co... ... autohotkey<!-- m -->

Multiboxing is fine with AHK, and there are loads of other perfectly legitimate uses.

Basically, the rule is that if you press one key, you can perform one action (and that one action could be "send a different keystroke to each of 5 WoW windows").

Also, If you can do exactly the same thing in an ingame macro, then it's fine.

You can't use programmed delays and multiple actions from one click or keypress (so you couldn't press a single key that triggers a script to do "press 1 then wait 10 seconds then press 2", for example).

There are official posts from blue (blizzard) posters on this, if you care to look at the WoW forums (where someone with some authority on these matters can actually confirm AHKs legality).

It is not AHK that is illegal, it is what you do with it that *might* break the ToS, depending on what you actually do.
Same way that knives might be legal to own but stabbing someone is not (but using one to slice a loaf of bread is perfectly legal) at least in my country... :)

AHK is a tool, and as long as it is used within "the law" (i.e. blizzards law) then it is absolutely fine and blizzard have confirmed this. Multiboxers use AHK all the time to broadcast commands to multiple WoW windows at once from a single keypress - this is doumented as perfectly legal.

[I'm not sure why I am bothering to post here about it... loads of people still whinge about multiboxers using AHK, and that's on the official WoW forums... but anyway I felt I might like to defend AHK from the whingers...]

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And yes, they can tell if a keypress came from a keyboard or a program.

Seems our 4.5k post user is a hell of a troll.

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but what if you have a on screen keyboard. Posted Image

I dont know. i remember some guy wrote a keyboard driver that allould the real keyboard to work but to be able to send keystrokes to a program that simulated the keyboard.

WoW shouldn't be able to tell that then.

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Hello everybody :D

my name is Ben and i'm from germany and i use AHK since dec. 2009 to support my 5box teams

well sorry for my english Grama and Spelling,
but i like to say something about / to this Topic from my personaly side.

On my way through the quests of World of Warcraft with various MB-teams, I have not had any problems with other regular players or Game Masters

I think the reason is my fairness

sure i use AHK but only to repeat or send Keys to the other 5 windows of WoW.

The number of data packets going over the line are no more than the other groups where players can combine five groups physical

the sending to the other windows on my pc ... oky ... now someone think and say, this is cheating ... ok 1st time i try to understand this meaning .. but .. ask the same peaple what they use as Keyboard by self AND what they do with it :)

I often get told they use G15 oder G19 Gamingkeyboards ;)

ok .. at this moment i don't say mutch more to this person and smile

i gues most of this diskussion comes from peoples they don't have the knowlege, the money or .. ? the TIME to play WoW like some Multiboxer as like me (multiboxing need match time not only on start)

ok back to the main content here ...

on my starting time with multibox i call Blizz on phone and ask GMs to going sure i didn't go banned or what else

from 2006 up to present day i can say ... multiboxing ist legal if you think about over 3 Rules ...

1. Rule
Blizz / WOW Rules must be respected

2. Rule
"get along with each other" i guess this is the quote that you say in english

what do you do not want, that you should not do to another
be friendly and fair (is that the word you use? i mean be equitable, squarely)

If i see any other player in my curent location ... i go on flightmount and go to another location or .. hmm.. sometimes I ask what they think about Multiboxing and about finishing my quest at same time like they self .. realy often i can do that ... sometime i habe nice talks with this gamer sometime i help them at groupquest ;)

otherwise I'm just gone and I disturb anyone

3. Rule

before i coding a new script i think about the new version / funktion
!! there is no timer or any like that in this script
otherwise i look what the scripts realy do ...

optimize or automate ?
all what i do with this skript ist sending my own fingeraction to all other wow windows .. so on AFK time > the skript do nothing

ok sorry the script send sometimes 2 keys to all other windows but not by the sript self ;)
that ist my old G15 Keyboard ...oh damn i'm an Evil :twisted:
but I would not be logged out if I'm AFK times longer, because I use the Activator of Blizzard to login in WoW and must therefore always make it by hand 5 times... slightly annoying

ok, that was everything from my side
I hope it was not too hard to read and fit to this topic
Otherwise, will soon be deleted

well, I say thanks and hopefully i read some answers

with best regards from an german Multiboxer :twisted: