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VICE emulator: Game specific settings and autosave/resume

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The script can be downloaded from https://drive.google...iew?usp=sharing and adds two features to the VICE Versatile Commodore Emulator. Similiar to Boray's PRG Starter it allows users to embed VICE options into a game's filename. But it does not require the Microsoft .NET runtime and a script are easier to extend by the user than programs. Some examples:

• David's Midnight Magic [gs].d64 — Uses the greyscale64.vpl palette to simulate a black-and-white TV.

• Ms. Pacman [j1k v10 50%].t64 — Uses joystick in port 1 on the keyboard. Volume reduced to 10%. Speed reduced to 50%.

• Dig Dug [AspectRatio=565 KeepAspectRatio=1 TrueAspectRatio=0 VICIIBorderMode=3].p00 — Uses a custom aspect ratio. VIC borders are off to cover full screen height.

• Galaga [galaga.ini].p00 — Uses a private ini file (in either the game or vice directory) that links to a private palette file which simulates a green monochrome PET monitor.

• C:\VIC-20 Games [xvic]\[16k]\Skramble.prg — All files in this directory will use the VIC-20 emulator with the 16k memory expansion.

• Wavy Navy [j1 af as].p00 — Uses joystick in port 1. Autofire with default speed 16 enabled. Autosave every 5 seconds (7±2 s back with Alt+7, 10±2 s back with Alt+6).

Autosave saves emulator states by periodically pressing Alt+S and allows you to go back to those snapshots with Alt+7 to Alt+2. This makes gaming easy after you've lost a life. When you close the emulator, autosave will also copy the last snapshot into the game directory and rename it for example to "Wavy Navy [j1 af as] - RESUME.vsf". You can run this instead of the original p00 file to continue with gaming at the position you left. You may also rename the file and replace the word RESUME with something like "Level 5".