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Can’t get my script running via autostart in Windows 10

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Hi there,


I just made the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I have a .ahk script that I put as a link to the autostart folder in Win 7. No problem: The script started with the system. But now, in Win 10, that simple trick doesn’t seem to work anymore. I tried several things that I found in different threads like scheduling a task, but also this doesn’t work: the script has to be started manually.

Does anyone of you guys know how I can fix this and make my script start with the system’s start? Maybe a registry key? I have no idea…



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Have a look here and here


Try also this

if not A_IsAdmin
   Run *RunAs "%A_ScriptFullPath%"
RegWrite, REG_SZ, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run, SCRIPT_NAME.ahk, "C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey\AutoHotkey.exe" D:\Scripts\SCRIPT_NAME.ahk

This could also be helpful:


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I ended up making a batchfile that starts AHK, and placed the short cut to the batchfile in the start folder and now AHK auto starts when I boot Windows 10.

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Thanks for this Lord Xedis, it now works for me