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Posting by new member

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How long does it take to review and approve/disapprove a posting by a new member. How do I know the result? It seems these items should be on the notation announcing the approval requirement.


I've been waiting for fifteen minutes for response and have other things to do!!!

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It takes from the time you post until the time a moderator sees your post and clicks the Approve button.
You have other things to do?  So do we (I was sleeping).  15 minutes is not a long time.  Now that you are out of the "New members" group, your posts don't need approval.
So far approval is just to filter out spam; any post that isn't spam should be approved.


FYI, I have deleted your unclear and misplaced topic from the Suggestions forum.

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Sleep is good for you. ;)
Why ahkscript.org? - autohotkey.com is outdated

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On this topic, even though this forum is shutting down and the software at ahkscript's forum should be better equipped to handle spammers, is there any way for a newly approved post to be bumped to the top of the list? I've noticed today that some posts I haven't read were appearing half way down the front page. I thought that might be an issue if there were a backlog of posts to approve or if the forum surged in activity that hidden posts would already be pushed far down the front page, possible to the second.