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ControlSend to hold down a key for a set amount of time

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hello, i got a problem i currently have this:


WinWait, MapleStory,
IfWinNotActive, MapleStory, , WinActivate, MapleStory,
WinWaitActive, MapleStory,
WinActivate, MapleStory ahk_class MapleStoryClass
ControlSend,, {Q Down},MapleStory
Sleep 7000
ControlSend,, {Q Up},MapleStory
Sleep 7000

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The only problems I see at first glace are that you have...

IfWinNotActive, MapleStory, , WinActivate, MapleStory,

When you should have...

IfWinNotActive, MapleStory,
WinActivate, MapleStory,

That having been said, the WinWait, WinActivate, and WinWaitActive all appear to be unnecessary.


You also appear to be using an infinite loop, although that may be intentional in this case.


Beyond that, I do not see any other obvious coding issues (although I could easily have missed something).  What problems are you seeing when you actually run it?