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Controller Automated LeftStick Rotation

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Hi, I'm new to AHK and have virtually no experience with scripting AHK things beyond some simple toggled/repeated press scripts that anybody could do.


A few months ago I suffered a wrist injury that has hindered my ability do make specific repeated actions such as rapidly rotating analogue sticks, and have found that a number of new releases involve QTEs that require the rotation of one (or both) of the analogue sticks in conjunction with repeated presses of a specific controller button.


Is there any way to map a keyboard hotkey that would rotate one or both analogue sticks 360 degrees (in a full circle) if held or toggled? I am aware of a few emulation programs that have software regarding keyboard mapping available, but right now I do not intend to be emulating any games.


I've made a number of searches regarding this but most of the results were about mapping joystick movements to keyboard and mouse movements.


Any help would be greatly appreciated and save my poor limp wrist a lot of hurts!