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Mouse and Keyboard Broadcasting to Inactive Window.

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Hi, im new to AHK and I don't understand scripting too much.  So bear with me.
I am trying to turn Black Ops into a split screen game.  I can get 2 game clients open. 
One client gets input from an Xbox360 Controller.  
The other Client gets Input from Mouse and Keyboard.
When either window becomes inactive they stop accepting input.  360 and mouse/keyboard.
I can use programs like Keyclone send Keystrokes to the second Inactive window.  But I cannot duplicate mouse movement.
So, the simplist solution I can think of is to --Send Keyboard Keystokes and Mouse movement/button clicks to both windows. 
Then I activate my Xbox360 window, unbind all keyboard controls, then set my mouse Movement to .0000000001.  
So effectively all my keyboard and mouse activity is being ignored by the Active window and duplicated to the Inactive window.
Is there and or can a script be written that can broadcast All Keyboard and Mouse inputs to a specific inactive window. 
(IE, when I move my mouse around, it moves the camera in both games.)


Here is an example, but ISBoxer doesn't like blackOps and it crashes.  lol