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Unable to register on ahkscript?

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Has anyone else been unable to register on those forums?  I have messaged the administrators twice now with zero responce, kinda makes me wonder.


Jackie Sztuk _Blackholyman
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Try this topic Issues with registering, Post your username here...

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Yea, problem is I am not able to register and therefore cannot post my name on the forum.


The register process says that I have been flagged as a spammer....  Yes, with 5, 6 including this reply, since Feb 2010 on these forums.  Most certainly a spammer of note.

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You can post on ahkscript.org without logging in, just click "Post a Reply."

You will need to enter an email address and solve the captcha. (Not sure if the "flagged a spammer" thing will stop that though. The mods will see this post, so posting here should have the same effect.)

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Hey there grant! I have received your request, there was a lot of spam email going through ahkscript right now sorry about that...
I have created an account for you under the username 'grant'.
I've sent you a PM (autohotkey.com).
Why ahkscript.org? - autohotkey.com is outdated