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Script to restrict max mouse speed / acceleration?

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I'm looking for someone who could write me a script which will allow me to prevent my mouse from ever passing a certain acceleration / movement speed. I'd be willing to pay for such a thing if need be, so long as it works.


So essentially I want a script which will intercept mouse movements and make sure it will not ever pass a certain speed, and if it passes that speed, it will instead cap it at the desired speed I've set. In other words, if my physical mouse in my hand is moving at 100 pixels per second, I'd like the script to be able to lower that number to then 75 pixels per second.


Those numbers are made up and I do not yet know what the real desired max would be yet, but hopefully something like this is possible to do. Does not need to adjust the y axis at all, only needs to affect the horizontal mouse movements.


Thanks in advance.