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Confused about how to execute this particular script

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Hello! I'm new to AHK and all the things it can do, I found this script for automating transport in Eve online, however Im not sure how to execute it.


The script itself is here:



MouseGetPos, VarX, VarY
InputBox, jumps, AHKAutoPilot, How many Jumps?
Loop, %jumps%
WinActivate, EVE - [EVE Chracter Name]
MouseGetPos, TempX, TempY
random, num, 58569, 81427
MouseMove, VarX, VarY
MouseMove, TempX, TempY
If(A_index == jumps)
Sleep, num
MsgBox,,AHKAutoPilot, AHK AutoPilot disengaged.,20000
; Right click option 1
MouseGetPos, VarX, VarY
VarX2 := VarX + 35
VarY2 := VarY + 10
Send, {CLICK %VarX2%,%VarY2%}
MouseMove, VarX, VarY
so that's the script, but it lacks a way to start it up, the original poster of this particular script is here. They mention adding your own shortcut to begin the process, and how to use the script once you've added the shortcut, but I'm not sure how to get it going.
I've tried all the suggestions in the basic tutorial for AHK, but I must be missing something or placing it wrong because nothing seems to work.
I'd love any help you can provide!