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nested subroutine calling a function

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t := new Test

Class Test {

  Gui, Show, x127 y87 h379 w479, Test

  Gui, Add, Button, x12 y339 w130 h30 , Test

   MsgBox clicked test button

  MsgBox test button alert 2

the button is calling the subroutine inside of initActions, which is calling the class function test(), however this does not activate on button press


how can i make this test() function activate? 


I currently get output: 

clicked test button


but i want output in 2 message boxes

clicked test button

test button alert 2

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Probably wrong and I don't understand why but if you add "this line" it works.
Class Test {
  static init:="".base.base := test ; add this line

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this is a local variable - an implicit parameter of the method initActions, set when you call something.initActions(). If you never call the method, this will be empty. If you call the method and it returns, this will be empty.


Instead of using a sub, use a bound function:

fn := this.initActions.Bind(this)
GuiControl +g, Button1, % fn


space: That would make ("").test() "work" too...