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Suspend script, strange thing on wake up

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I have hits script to turn computer into suspend mode:

	MsgBox, 4100, , Suspend mode?, 5
	IfMsgBox, No
	    Return  ; User pressed the "No" button.
	IfMsgBox, Timeout
	    Return ; Timed out.
	DllCall("PowrProf\SetSuspendState", "int", 0, "int", 0, "int", 0)

It works fine, but when I wake it, the mouse is not working - no mouse pointer on the screen, no reaction on clicks. But LED on mouse is lighting. When I pull out mouse USB connector and push it again - all begin to work as before. If I do not use this script to suspend (using a button on desktop tower or start menu) then all is fine. What's the matter?