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Changing font size

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I have a nice little script that pokes the date and time into whatever I am writing. It works nicely for Google Sheets, note pad, emails, etc.  I am a writer and use it for annotating edits and modifications. Here is what it does:


This is an example 10/26/2015 16:32




Here is the script: (It works great!)

FormatTime, Time,, MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm
Send %Time%

HOWEVER, I would like to have the font size drop down by -2, poke in the date, and then finish off by restoring the font size to +2.  So, if my application font is at, say, 12 pt, the date/time would appear at 8 pts., and then return back to 12. Make it look like this:


This is an example 10/26/2015 16:36



Adding it in as a superscript would be an extra bonus!


How could the simple script above be modified to do this?


(The Samuel L. Snarchbukket Award will go to the person who can offer the simplest mod! ;-)