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Keep A_PriorKey unchanged after pressing 8 or 9

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Is there some easy way to keep A_PriorKey unchanged after pressing 8 or 9?

e.g. if A_PriorKey = 1 and I press 8 or 9, it should stay as 1. 

       if A_PriorKey = z and I press 8 or 9, it should stay as z. 



Thanks in advance


Edit: testing out some stuff, so basically this could work.

It uses a function that sets a variable whenever a key is not pressed anymore. The variable can be used globally inside the script if needed. 

The loop was not needed, but this was just for some quick testing.


If anyone has a better implementation, pls post ;)

Also, im not sure about making a global variable. I just want my variable to be used inside of other functions aswell. Not sure if this is the way to do it :/

global myprevkey = key
	if not GetKeyState("1", "P")
    	Send, {1 down}
    	Sleep 20
    	Send, {1 up}
    	Sleep 20