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Help with detecting end of page

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Ok, I need a simple script that allows me to send {pgdn} whenever I click Lbutton unless the end of the page or image is reached in which case it should send a different command, something like this:



send {pgdn}


if end of the page is reached then  send {right} instead


How do I make the script know that the end of the page has been reached? Is there any errorlevel variable or something that tells me when I'm at the end??


Any help is much appreciated.

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Why you dont send {End}?
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You can try these:



; what I like about the second one is it seems a bit more universal, though definitely a less efficient way to go. It should be checking if the image on screen changes, which in itself can be tricky without using a way to save screenshots to a file to image search them. But if you sample many pixels, it can be a method that doesn't require any libraries.

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jNizM, I can't use {end} because I don't want to go to the end of the page, I need to use {pgdn} at least three times before I skip to the next page.
Exaskryz, thanks for the links but I don't think I can use those. I'm scrolling on an image on full screen, no horizontal or vertical bars. I thought there would be an easier way to know when the end of the image is reached, something like "if errorlevel send whatever..."


Anyway, thanks, I'll keep thinking.