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Pixelsearch outward from central location?

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Im looking for a way to search for a pixel with the search starting in a central location and progressing out towards the search perimeter~

any suggestions?



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I suppose one way to do it would be to search from the central four pixels, and then the central sixteen, and then the central thirty-six, and so on. Not perfectly radial, as it's not a circle but a square we're doing here, but it's the only way I can think to do it without bringing in libraries and other codes. The code below may not do so hot once you go beyond the bounds of the smaller value (which is usually A_ScreenHeight); the script might detect black at those coordinates or fail completely, not sure.

PixelSearch, outputx, outputy, A_ScreenWidth/2-A_Index, A_ScreenHeight/2-A_Index, A_ScreenWidth/2+A_Index-1, A_ScreenHeight/2+A_Index-1, 0xFFFFFF
If !ErrorLevel ; the pixel was found
MouseMove, outputx, outputy

The mathsy part comes at A_ScreenWidth/2-A_Index, A_ScreenHeight/2-A_Index, A_ScreenWidth/2+A_Index-1, A_ScreenHeight/2+A_Index-1. A_Index is always increasing by one for each iteration of a loop.


Explanation of coming up with the coordinates below:




Hopefully I did my maths correct. The starting at zero threw me for a bit at first and my original code is now edited to correct for that.

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thats actually perfect, thanks a lot